Middle and High School (9th – 12th)

At Waterbrooke church we are convinced that the gospel of Jesus Christ changes everything. Because of this conviction, our goal for Youth Group is to equip families and youth to be fully-maturing, gospel-centered, mission-minded disciples of Jesus Christ. All of our efforts are pointed in this direction.


As fully-maturing disciples, one of our goals is that students would grow and become active participants in the life of the local church as a whole. We believe that every person who has the Spirit of God in them is an important part of the body of Christ and therefore we want to foster intergenerational relationships in the church as a whole.


As gospel-centered disciples, we desire to see students grow in their understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ in every area of their lives. We don’t want students who can simply know the right answers, but students who view all of life through the saving work of Jesus Christ.


As mission-minded disciples, our hope is that as these students grow and mature that they will also grow in a passion for God’s heart for the lost, both near and far. Our desire is to see our neighborhoods and the nations reached with the gospel and we believe that students can play an integral part in God’s mission.


Our Wednesday night gatherings will typically consist of a time for connecting with adults and students, followed by gospel-centered worship music, bible teaching through whole books of the bible, and then breakout groups that are age and gender-specific. In each of these areas, we are seeking to be intentional to foster meaningful relationships that promote spiritual growth.


As the church, our function is to partner with families in the discipleship of the next generation. We don’t want to replace the family role, but rather support and encourage everyday discipleship of these students. We are excited to partner with you again this year as we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ who are fully-maturing, gospel-centered, and mission-minded.