Kevin Dibbley - March 8, 2020

March 8, 2020 “God's Mission is in Motion"

Genesis \

“They say Aslan is on the move- perhaps has already landed". CS Lewis Join us this Sunday as we considered how the sons of Noah fulfilled the call of God to be fruitful and to multiply and fill the earth, we are meant to see a picture of how God would fill the earth with His glory through the church. Let's worship together!

From Series: "Genesis "When God Speaks""

To follow Christ wherever He calls us to go and to do by faith whatever He has asked of us. The life of faith is an adventure. It will stretch us. It will challenge us. It will humble us. 2020 is a new territory for every person. God simply asks us one question: Will you trust Me wherever I lead you and whatever I ask of you? Just as the Bible begins with God calling Abraham to leave everything to follow Him to the land of the promise, we too, are called to follow Christ (Abraham’s seed) in order that the nations would be blessed.

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