Kevin Dibbley - October 4, 2020

October 4, 2020 "Gospel Joy in a World Gone Mad"

Gospel Friendships

This Sunday’s message is called "Gospel Joy in a World Gone Mad: How Jesus Radically Frees the Christian To Live Joyfully in An Angry and Chaotic World". After the presidential debate this past week, this may be a message that many of us need to hear. The reality is that the gospel creates two radically different responses when the world spins out of control. Paul weeps over those who have turned from Christ as Savior to seeking to save their own lives. It’s not simply because Jesus is worthy. It’s because there is no other name under heaven by which anyone can be saved. Let’s come and weep and rejoice in the Lord together. Let’s see, savor, and share the all-surpassing worth of Christ.

From Series: "Gospel Friendships"

Gospel Friendships: Finding Joy and Resilience Through Deeply Devoted Christ-centered Friends

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