Kevin Dibbley - August 23, 2020

August 23, 2020 "It’s Time to Grow Up, People: Why Our Heavenly Father Insists That We Work Out Our Differences"

This Sunday, we are going to be looking at a powerful and crucial passage of Scripture in Philippians 2:12-18. Our message is called: It’s Time to Grow Up, People: Why Our Heavenly Father Insists That We Work Out Our Differences. Here’s the challenge that we all face in American culture right now: The enormous divisions between people politically in America have become deeply personal. We don’t just disagree with people who differ from us. We now despise them. In an important article this past year, in the New York Times, Journalist Thomas Edsall wrote: "Hostility to the opposition party and its candidates has now reached a level where loathing motivates voters more than loyalty," and " The building strength of partisan antipathy -- 'negative partisanship' -- has radically altered politics. Anger has become the primary tool for motivating voters. "The hope for America has never rested in a political process. It isn’t through some educational or social movement that cultures truly change. It has always been the power of the gospel changing the hearts of God’s people. The church was created by God to display how Jesus Christ can and does bring together what no other power can. The only hope for the deep deep hostility that plagues America and the world are hearts that are radically changed and seriously surrendered to the power of King Jesus. That’s why Philippians 2 matters so much. If we are going to make a powerful impact on the world around us, we are going to have to begin by letting God work some powerful changes deep within us as His beloved children. We can no longer give mere lip service to the gospel. We are going to have to be willing to give our lives to real deep relational change. In this passage, the apostle Paul says, “It’s time to grow up.”

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